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Ascospores Species Information

3000+ Genera

Ascospores Growth Characteristics

Ascospores grow well under a variety of conditions and many are known to be plant pathogens.

Ascospores are microscopic spores which develop during the winter on dead, fallen leaves that were infected the previous season. From budburst onwards, rain triggers the release of ascospores into the air. Ascospore release will continue until early December, or later in a dry season, and this is known as the primary infection season

The primary source of apple black spot infection is from the release of ascospores in the spring. If there are few ascospores present, then the risk of black spot is low regardless of the weather conditions. Alternatively a high number of ascospores can cause infection even under a marginal infection period.


Where is Ascospores found?

Ascopspores can be found everywhere and commonly grow indoors on damp materials.

Is Ascospores Allergenic?

Ascospores have not been extensively studied but it is considered to be an allergen. Poorly studied.

Toxins Produced by Ascospores

Ascospores produce toxins. Many have been identified and depend greatly on genus and species.

Ascospores Health Effects

Ascospores do present a human health risk but few have been reported to cause disease.

Ascospores Uses

None Listed

How to test for / identify the presence of Ascospores

They can be identified via Air or Direct Sampling and are often identified as “other colorless”

Is Ascospores a "black mold"


Ascospores images

acospores acospores-2

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