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Chaetomium Species Information

Chaetomium is a fungal genus that includes approximately 80 different species. The species that is reported to be growing in building interiors and present in air samples is C. globosum.

Chaetomium Growth Characteristics

Chaetomium globosum like Stachybotrys chartaium are demataceous, that is they produce dark spores. Because they can both use cellulose directly as a nutrient source, they can be found on the wetted facing of gypsumboard. Indeed when one looks at a Chaetomium infestations the spores are so dark that it appears that Stachybotrys is present.

Chaetomium like Stachybotrys produces relatively large spores. They differ in that Chaetomium spores are produced by sexual processes while Stachybotrys primarily produces spores asexually. The spores of Chaetomium are large and ovoid and do not have the ornamentation characteristics of Stachybotrys.

Because both Chaetomium and Stachybotrys spores are relatively large, they have relatively high setting velocities. Thus, they settle out relatively quickly and do not remain airborne for more than a few minutes. As a consequence, airborne mold levels are usually low even in infested environments. Due to this fact, exposure levels are likely to be low as well. Toxicity does matter.

Where is Chaetomium found?

It is found outdoors growing on soil and plant debris.

Toxins Produced by Chaetomium

It does produce a variety of mycotoxins called chaetoglobsins whose health effects in humans is for the most part unknown. Because it is a toxigenic fungus, it is one of species sometimes identified as requiring special precautions in its remediation.

Is Chaetomium a "black mold"


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