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Fusarium Species Information

The genus Fusarium is a cosmopolitan fungus with a worldwide distribution.

Fusarium Scientific Information

The conidiophores are often branched and produce large pasty masses of spores from tapered phialides. Phialides are cylindrical, simple, or branched with a small collarette at the apex. Two type of spores that may form: macroconidia and microconidia. Macroconidia are produced from the phialides on unbranched or branched conidiophores. They are curved, 2- or more celled, thick-walled, smooth, and canoe-shaped. Also, macroconidia have a distinct basal foot cell and pointed distal ends. Microconidia are formed on long or short simple conidiophores. They are typically unicellular hyaline, ovoid to ellipsoid, and arranged in balls or chains.

Fusarium Growth Characteristics

Fusarium has a rapid growth rate. The colony texture ranges from flat to wooly or cottony. The color of the colonies may be white, tan, salmon, cinnamon, yellow, red violet, pink, or purple.

Where is Fusarium found?

Fusarium is commonly found in soil, dead or living plants, grains, and is often associated with humidifiers. Fusarium is a common plant pathogen causing root and stem rot, vascular wilt and fruit rot.

Fusarium Health Effects

Fusarium has been reported to occasionally cause keratitis, endophthalmitis, onychomycosis, cutaneous infections (open wounds), pulmonary infections and mycetoma. Fusarium may also be opportunistic pathogens in immunocompromised individuals. Fusarium species produce a number of mycotoxins. Ingestion of contaminated grains contaminated may cause allergic symptoms or be carcinogenic after long-term consumption.

Is Fusarium a "black mold"


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