Geotrichum (Goetrichum Candidum)

Geotrichum (Goetrichum Candidum)

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Geotrichum (Goetrichum Candidum)

Geotrichum (Goetrichum Candidum) Species Information

Geotrichum is a cosmopolitan fungus with a world wide distribution that can be isolated from soil and plants. It is commonly associated with milk products. Geotrichum has dry spores typically dispersed by air

Geotrichum (Goetrichum Candidum) Scientific Information

Geotrichum has no conidiophores. The spores are formed by the fragmentation of the hyphae (arthrospores). The spores are hyaline, unicellular, and variable in length and width.

Geotrichum (Goetrichum Candidum) Growth Characteristics

Geotrichum has a rapid growth rate. Colonies are flat, powdery or waxy, and are white in color.

Is Geotrichum (Goetrichum Candidum) Allergenic?

Geotrichum can cause allergic and asthmatic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Geotrichum (Goetrichum Candidum) Health Effects

Geotrichum is considered a normal component of human flora. Geotrichum species have been reported to cause intestinal tract, bronchial and pulmonary infections

Is Geotrichum (Goetrichum Candidum) a "black mold"


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