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Paecilomyces Species Information

Paecilomyces is a cosmopolitan fungus

Paecilomyces Scientific Information

Species of Paecilomyces produce simple or branched conidiophores bearing two to several phialides that are swollen at the base and gradually narrow into a long beak. Spores are produced in long chains from the tips of the phialides, are either colorless or slightly pigmented, and may have a variety of shapes from spherical to fusiform. Paecilomyces is often confused with Penicillium; however, Paecilomyces may be distinguished by its long slender divergent phialides and colonies that are never green.

Paecilomyces Growth Characteristics

Paecilomyces grows rapidly. The colonies are flat, and powdery or velvety in texture. The color is initially white, and may become buff, suede or brightly colored with age. Older cultures may produce a sweet aromatic odor. Some species are thermophilic and can grow well at temperatures as high as 122 °F (50 °C).

Where is Paecilomyces found?

isolated from soil, dust, decaying plants, food products, insects, and less frequently from air.

Paecilomyces sp is commonly found in soil and dust, less frequently in air.

Is Paecilomyces Allergenic?

Paecilomyces acts as an allergen.

Toxins Produced by Paecilomyces

It may produce arsine gas if growing on arsenic substrate. This can occur on wallpapers covered with paris green.

Paecilomyces Health Effects

Some species of Paecilomyces are pathogenic in humans where they can produce a variety of infections throughout the body,usually following traumatic implantation. Paecilomyces may also cause opportunistic mycoses in immunocompromised hosts.

Linked to wood-trimmers disease and humidifier associated illnesses.

Some members of this genus are reported to cause pneumonia.

P. variotii can cause paecilomycosis.

Is Paecilomyces a "black mold"


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