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Stemphylium Species Information

6+ species. Ubiquitous, Cosmopolitan.

Stemphylium Scientific Information

Solitary conidia are formed at the tip of a distinctive, simple to branched conidiophore with a dark, knobby, terminal swelling. Conidia are pale to light brown, oblong and rounded at the ends, smooth or in part rough-walled, divided by several longitudinal and transverse septa, and are typically constricted at the central septum.

Stemphylium Growth Characteristics

Colonies of Stemphylium are fast growing, suede-like to cottony in texture, and gray, brown, or brownish-black in color. Grows well on general cellulose surfaces but spores may take longer than normal to develop or may be completely absent.

Where is Stemphylium found?

Most species of Stemphylium are plant pathogens, and are less commonly isolated from soil and decaying plant material.

Often found growingoutdoors in soil, wood, decaying vegetation. Some species found on leaves are plant pathogens. Growth indoors is rare.

Is Stemphylium Allergenic?

This mold is an allergen. Some people may experience hay fever or asthma. Produces similar allergens that are associated with Alternaria.

Toxins Produced by Stemphylium

It is not know if this mold produces toxins.

Stemphylium Health Effects

Stemphylium may very rarely cause disease in humans Syncephalastrum sp.: Can cause a respiratory infection characterized by a solid intracaitary fungal ball. This mold does present human risk. Rare cases reported of phaeohyphomycotic sinusitis.

Stemphylium Uses

Its industrial uses are unknown.

How to test for / identify the presence of Stemphylium

This mold can be identified via air and direct sampling techniques. Although spore fragments may be confused with other types of mold such as: Ulocladium, Alternaria or Pithomyces. Distinctive yet rarely found in direct sampling. May be found in conjunction with dust samples.

Is Stemphylium a "black mold"


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