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Yeast Species Information


  • Yeasts - certain yeasts make beer good; but others can spoil your accompanying pizza, as shown here, if you let it sit too long at room temperature
  • Yeasts - Teliomycetes - the small colonies are red yeasts, which are basidiomycetes
  • Yeasts Saccharomycetes - multiplication by repeated budding in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (also see SEM picture below).
  • Yeasts - Saccharomycetes - cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae showing multilateral budding (SEM).
  • Yeasts - Saccharomycetes - Candida albicans, budding and producing hyphae (SEM).
  • Yeasts - Saccharomycetes - Hormoascus, with hyphae producing ascus-like meiosporangia in chains.
  • Yeasts - Saccharomycetes - the Geotrichum anamorph of Dipodascus, producing thallic-arthric conidia.
  • Yeasts - Saccharomycetes - TEM section of a septum of Geotrichum, sh


Yeast Growth Characteristics

Colonies are moderately fast growing at 30C, flat, yellowish-grey to creamy-grey, glabrous, becoming radially folded and covered by a fine, powdery, white surface mycelium. Note, satellite colonies are often formed by germinating conidia ejected from the primary colony.

Is Yeast Allergenic?

Some yeasts are reported to be allergenic. They may cause problems if a person has had previous exposure and developed hypersensitivity's. Yeasts may be allergenic to susceptible individuals when present in sufficient concentrations.

How to test for / identify the presence of Yeast

Various yeasts are commonly identified on air samples.

Is Yeast a "black mold"


Yeast images

yeast yeast1 yeast-2 yeasts-2 yeasts-3 yeasts-4 yeasts-5 yeasts-teliomycetes

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